Joe Nacco Band
Joe Nacco: vocals, guitars, drums & recording
Mark Johnston: Bass

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I'm An Alcoholic
On Sunday, December 19, 2010, Mark Johnston (bass) and I rerecorded two of the first songs I ever wrote. Neither of the songs were ever recorded well and the albums they were on have disappeared from our current catalog. The first one (Down) we gave away as a Christmas Present for all our fans. The second song is called "I'm An Alcoholic" and has been a staple of our live shows since 1998! With all our modern equipment we were finally able to give it the recording it always deserved. We sincerely hope you enjoy!

Song facts...
-The release of this song was delayed 5 months so that we could shoot the video above.
-This has been our top selling song on iTunes and worked its way into many playlists which always haunted me because the old version was poorly recorded. Hopefully this alleviates that.
-The artwork is the cover from the second Head album titled "Denter" on which I'm An Alcoholic was first released in 1999.
-The vision was to record this song in the very manner in which it was first recorded with the only changes being in the sound enhancement.
-The main guitar is the Casino through the Vox to get that old Head sound I always used!
-Thank you Mr. Zakk Wylde for selling me your guitar so I have something to record my solos with!!!!