Joe Nacco (pronounced nack-oh) is a self-produced, multi-instrumentalist & singer-songwriter who is a true product of the 1980s. Idolizing the early-80s pop acts as a child and the hard rocking acts of the late 80s as a young teenager. Nacco's influences are worn on his sleeve. Very similar in structure to Prince in his musical approach with a voice at times that can be anything from Axl Rose to Michael Jackson, while his instrumentation can be cut right from an Ozzy or Guns N' Roses record.

As a young teen in the late 80s, Nacco began playing lead guitar in hard rock cover bands while writing guitar driven songs and recording them on a 4-track machine in his bedroom. However, in the 90s, Nacco found himself shoved in front of a microphone with the grunge movement. "I don't why it happened but we always seemed to be short a singer. The grunge movement required a lot of screaming and the next thing you know it sort of fell to me. At some point I started training and taking singing fairly seriously." This was nothing more than a hobby until Nacco formed the original/cover band Head in 1998. He found success and even made a moderate living playing all over the Northeast. Head released 2 albums Will Work For Head (1999) and Denter (2000).

In 2002, Nacco left Head to perform solo, record a solo record and then formed the Joe Nacco Band in 2003. Over the next 10 years Nacco released 8 albums with a slew of hit singles, including his two most successful songs I'm An Alcoholic and It's Christmas Time (Let's Get Drunk) with the latter still in Christmas rotation on many Northeast radio stations. In 2006, Nacco recorded the song Faker. The song would later be featured in the award-winning documentary "Spitting Game: The College Hookup Culture" gaining Nacco film industry exposure as an official composer. Also, during this time Nacco could be found bouncing back and forth between Los Angeles, Florida, NYC and performing shows all along the way.

Fast forward to today and everything has come full circle. Nacco resides in Upstate NY and is enoying a bit of a renaissance playing guitar and singing in a variety of original and cover bands all while self-producing his own guitar-driven hard rockin' original music. His latest CD #@[]$! (2013) has created quite a stir, drawing comparisons to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Guns N' Roses. The singles Fight! and Train-Wreck have caught everyone by surprise receiving heavy regular airplay on several stations all over the world! #@[]$! has quickly become Nacco's best-selling CD to date!

Have a look through the rest of Joe Nacco's website for all the details of Nacco's career!!