Joe Nacco: vocals, guitars & recording
Mark Johnston: Bass
Dick: Drums

The Video

We had a ton of fun shooting this video. The plot focuses on our one named session drummer Dick and how we came about meeting him. We shot this video in HD.

Places To Buy

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Listen to the single on CRUMBS Radio

Listen to the single on WEQX! Debuts Sunday 12/5/10 at 7pm!!
I just got word from Jason Irwin that Closer will debut on WEQXposure this Sunday night at 7pm!! Many thanks to Jason who's been a great supporter of ours for a long time! I remember when Jason first took over WEQXposure from Andy, Jason interviewed me on our release of The Head of a Monkey!! That's going back and it's great how the program continues to grow... anyway here is a link to WEQX Streaming! Rob and I will continue to work on more and more promotional ideas for Closer and we will update you right here on as well as Facebook and Twitter!

Joe Nacco's statement on the release of Closer
I've been a DIY artist since before they coined the phrase. As a little boy I would take my tape recorder and sing into it and make little paper inserts for the cases with my artwork and dreamed of a day where I could make my first video. In high school I took cinematography with a young Howard Plum and got the chance to make and edit a few films. After high school, when I was mostly studying guitar, I started to put a lot more focus on singing and songwriting and put a little band together. Only 12 years ago, at the age of 23, I invested in a state of the art $1000 home 4 track machine. I also invested in the very first home CD burner stereo unit. I then dropped off copies at local music stores (Media Play, Last Vestige and Borders). Some of the artwork for these releases were made with photos and a type writer! My buddy from public access (Howard Plum) got the VHS promo video of us performing in my living room and aired it on public access. All of this was pretty slick because most DIY (indie) artists paid $10,000 to record, replicate and distribute a music release. I had figured out a way to get my nose in the door for a fraction of the cost.

Closer is the first piece of music I've released in a year and a half and things have drastically changed even in that period of time. We got a release date for our new single and were able to promote as such!! On November 23, 2010 the single for Closer was released by Jay Knack Records worldwide with all the other Tuesday music releases on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and many more. Whichever online music retailer you prefer, please visit it today and support the cause for 99 cents!!

The single was made over the last month on my $500 24 track machine and mixed and mastered on my $350 laptop with a $150 software program that would blow your mind. Mark Johnston laid down a bass line and Dick dropped the beat. Also, as you can see from above we were able to shoot the video using an HD home video camera and edit the video on my laptop. On November 22, 2010 we were able to distribute the video worldwide on YouTube for anyone with the internet to see!

There has never been a better time to be an artist. There are so many resources out there to take advantage of and it allows a couple guys in their home studio to be able to level the playing field. It also opens up the competition and we all love that! With this new business model we have been able to focus all our energy on one good song and video (the single is back for everyone!) instead of writing a bunch of filler to get an album together! Thank you to Ava and Ashley for the artwork! Thank you to Mark and Rob for their participation in the recording of the music and video! This was the best time Iíve had musically in a long time and maybe ever!!

Love always,
Joe Nacco