THE BORED SYNDROME reviewed by Meghan Reilly
Meghan's a freelance writer and has done work for several newspapers and magazines including Impose Magazine based in NYC and Artvoice based in Buffalo, NY (similar to our Metroland). I would consider the review rather favorable and hopefully just one of many more to come! Footnote: I didn't even have to grease her pockets;)

There are few things in life that are quite so fine as good music. It is my not so secret guilty pleasure. I buy it continuously. I steal it online. I seek it out live. I follow it around the country. But this, this album actually came to me, remarkably free of charge, with a request for my review. Though flattered, I reserve a healthy skepticism towards self produced artists. For the most part, I find that they are self absorbed, low on talent, high on personal opinion, and cursed with too much time on their hands. In light of my cynicism, you can imagine my delighted surprise at Joe Nacco's, The Bored Syndrome.

If you're looking for a fresh new artist with talent up the wazoo, you've found him. For a kid that got his humble beginning in the capital district of Upstate NY, I am astounded by the eclectic influences he exhibits in this work. Talk about your diamond in the rough. Joe successfully weaves pop 40 alternative edge with original sound. He's a grunge guy by nature, having his impressionable years scored by the likes of Nirvana and the Seattle garage band scene, but he naturally incorporates the spicy flare of the early British invasion. It is a unique flavor, and represents all that is good about rock n' roll.

The Bored Syndrome, as a collective work, is an impressive first release for any independent artist. Unlike other primary endeavors, this album manages to stay invigorating all the way through. It is mixed well, keeps an attentive eye on the order of delivery, and has a genuine flow. Likewise, it holds together well as a compellation, and serves as a window into the extracurricular pastimes of The Joe. There might be an underlying sub textual theme here, kids, so be sure to pay close attention to the lyrics on these licks.

But, if you've got an ADHD attention span, be sure to check out 'The Blue Law', a sure-fire radio release, 'I am me', bound to improve your mood, and 'Into your arms', a guaranteed chick fav. So, take some money out of your mom's purse, the beer fund, the church collection plate. Trade in something crappy. Go anywhere you can get a little dough and buy it, buy it now. You won't be disappointed.

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