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She's a Zombie

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Joe Nacco Band
Joe Nacco: vocals, guitars & recording
Mike Esposito: Drums
Randy McKinley: Bass

The Video

The Story of She's a Zombie
Whether in everyday life or music I believe it's the goal to keep bettering yourself in everything you do and never do the same thing twice. So after the 6th Joe Nacco Band music video production we knew we needed to really step it up a notch. Someone blurted out the idea to do a zombie video and I was instantly intrigued. Unfortunately we didn't have a song and I didn't think our working ideology, of having the video and the song not coincide, would work. So after a couple days I decided to write a song about a lifeless young lady who bleeds the line between emotionless and dead. She's a Zombie! The song was recorded back in February of 2012.

We decided to shoot the video on April 29, 2012 on Jay St in Schenectady. I thought it'd be the perfect scene for such a zombie invasion. Plus I like Schenectady. We're not really big time so closing the streets of Schenectady down to film isn't an option, especially when Ryan Gosling is not the star. However, there's about 3 hours of daylight and emptiness beginning on Sundays at 4pm. We also had to get a lot of people in on this one. Plus makeup and weather and acting and organizing. It was a much bigger deal than you'd think!! Fortunately, everyone did an amazing job, from makeup to shooting to acting! The credits are listed below as well as some stills.

We sincerely hope you enjoy!

Video Credits
(in alphabetical order)

Drew Brown
Alyssa Esposito
Michael Esposito
Brandon Gallagher
Leo Gallagher
Claudia Munguia
Ashley Nacco
Ava Nacco
Deanna Strait
Wesley Strait
Rob Vanosky

Mike Esposito
Randy McKinley
Joe Nacco

Ashley Nacco
Joe Nacco
Rob Vanosky

Susan Handerhan
Ashley Nacco

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