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(a short film about visitors)

by Joe Nacco

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Song Credits:
Joe Nacco: all vocals, instrumentation & recording

The Video

The Story of Stereo
(a short film about visitors)

"We always have to improve!"

That's my motto whenever I get ready to do something new. That seemed to be a difficult challenge after the Zombie video. When we were getting ready to do the Zombie video I was also toying with the idea of doing something with aliens (at that time the Zombie thing made more sense). I love aliens and alien movies and alien shows. I watch X-files every night before I go to sleep, season by season. Signs is one of my favorite movies of all-time. In order to pull off an alien video, I knew I had to channel those cinematography classes for a few tricks with the story I wanted to tell. My other videos were shot in a day or sometimes two. This one took a little over a month. Waiting for those perfect sunsets (no clouds, no rain), finding the right props and costumes (thank God it's Halloween). Then I had to make a video within a video! My group of actors had to stay small for this one because we always had to be ready to go for an entire month... It was a lot of work but I really think we hit out of the park! The acting is there, the scenes are there, the song is there. Needless to say I'm quite pleased...

The song...

The second I wrote that chorus I thought "this is my best song ever." Most of my songs (as poppy as they are) have never really had that chant along chorus. For some reason the anthematic chorus just never came out. The second I started exposing the demo on various music sites the ratings were significantly higher than "Closer" which had always been my best performing song. I spent a great deal of time on the song making sure every single part was played and sung correctly; although the writing process was rather quick.

So there you have it... My best video and my best song in one shot... I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Video Credits

Joe Nacco
Ashley Nacco
Paul Salamone (cameo)

Joe Nacco

Ashley Nacco
Joe Nacco
Rob Vanosky

Special Effects:
Joe Nacco
Ashley Nacco