Joe Nacco Band
Joe Nacco: vocals, guitars, drums & recording
Mark Johnston: Bass

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These Are Eyes
I'm not sure when it happened or how but I decided it would be the right thing to do creatively to spoof the Transporter; one of my all-time favorite movies. I knew I needed a fast paced action song and so I wrote These Are Eyes. The song is similar to Down in some regards but its got a quicker pace, a catchier melody and a Van Halen-esque finger tapping guitar solo. I really enjoy the song itself but this one is all about the video. I got a few of my good friends together (Adam Sandler-style) and tried to recapture the Transporter while tying in my last two videos (Closer & I'm An Alcoholic). We brought back some old villains and introduced a few more. We also brought in some professionals because I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag without throwing haymakers. Thanks to Drew and Garrett for their skills, Itani for his comedic input and Mark, Rob and Ashley for their time, talent and dedication to these videos.

Fun facts...
-The video stars Rob Vanosky, Ashley Hotaling, Chris Itani, Garrett Rossetti, Drew Brown and the Joe Nacco Band (Joe and Mark Johnston).
-The video spoofs the Transporter and Men in Black.
-The song was written after our first JNB show with Mike. The crowd seemed to love the old Beatles song "I Saw Her Standing There" and this is an homage to that.
-The song is the first to feature the Gibson Les Paul Triple Threat (1960 Classic on rhythm left, 2010 LP Custom on rhythm right, Zakk Custom Shop on the solos)
-Mark is using his favorite blue rick
-I wrote the finger tapping solo for a Tamerlane song and played it live once but never got a chance to record it so I incorporated it here